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We are health and safety consultants that specialise in supporting small and large businesses who cannot afford to employ a health and safety manager.

From our experience many businesses do not presently comply or understand what they need to do to fully comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974. Most businesses would like to comply but are concerned that once they attempt health and safety improvements they will open themselves to all kinds of issues from enforcement agencies, employees etc that will reduce their profits and generally make their life complicated.

Many business dislike "advisors" or "consultants" who tell them what they already know and invoice them for the privilege. Particularly when they present their findings to instil fear claiming you can go to jail or pay massive fines etc. What you really need is help to comply with the law without complicating your business unnecessarily.

Our approach is simple, we listen and discuss what is needed and help by getting involved in helping you manage the introduction of health and safety based on what is needed. We start with the basics and get you to the position of basic compliance. Thereafter when our clients understand the process they often request further improvements to their health & safety. This is because they find they are more confident handling their staff; able to win more contracts and satisfy their insurance underwriters.

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