Health & Safety:
Investing in your workforce's
safety and well-being

Each employee plays a valuable part in the on-going success of the organisation.
No organisation would neglect to maintain its investment and maintenance in property, machinery or vehicles. It makes just as much sense to maintain an equally valuable asset - its workforce.

Whether its aches and pains from manual handling or a poorly set-up computer workstation both if assessed correctly can be managed to relieve the discomfort to the benefit of the employee and the business.

In some cases a simple health check of the basicís is all that is needed to help keep employees in good attendance and happy in the knowledge they are being cared for. This could in include in a 30 minute appointment Health Check-up, on-site that would include.

We can also include periodic hearing tests and or respiratory function tests either as a greater benefit for the employee or because of the legal requirement of health and safety law

The benefits will be;